Sunday, June 4, 2023

261c - Muslimgauze Long Pieces

There are a lot of lenghty tracks from Muslimgauze, and many are billiant in that they allow Bryn to really stretch out his ambient side and give a longer textual narrative to his ideas.  Instead of trying to fit one or two of these into another mix, I figured why not, and made this more than double length mix of my favorites.  

00:00  Shah of Persia (Speaker of Turkish)
09:45  Gulf Between Us (Sadaam's Children)
20:16  Deceiver (Deceiver)
44:47  Exit Afghanistan (Speaker of Turkish)
60:45  Mullah Said (Mullah Said)
72:41  Dome of the Rock 1 (Dome of the Rock)
82:41  Khan Younis (Shaheed mix) (Drugsherpa)
89:33  Drugsherpa (Drugsherpa 3")
109:40  Abu Salim, Tripoli (Fedayeen)
120:04  Sadhu (Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed)
143:05  Arab Jerusalem (Arab Quarter)

photo credit: discogs

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