Tuesday, June 6, 2023

262 All In The Downs - Shirley Collins

The Secret Queen of England.  Another self made soundtrack to accompany a great book.  Most of these songs are discussed in this book, and I kept the focus to just Shirley's music and not the large group of musicians she associated with.

00:00  Sweet England
02:32  Hares on the Mountain (with Davy Graham)
05:26  Barbara Allen
08:39  Pretty Polly
12:43  Poor Murdered Woman (with The Albion Country Band)
16:57  Pretty Saro (with Davy Graham)
21:10  Rambleaway (with Dolly Collins)
25:25  Reynardine (with Davy Graham)
27:50  Death and the Lady 
32:28  The Queen of May
34:14  Come My Love (with Dolly Collins)
36:49  The Cherry Tree Carol (with Davy Graham)
40:03  The Moon Shines Bright (with Dolly Collins)
42:06  Gilderoy (with Dolly Collins)
46:46  Canadee-i-o
50:52  The Rich Irish Lady / Jeff Sturgeon
56:46  Whitsun Dance
59:49  Hori Horo (with Davy Graham)
61:56  Six Dukes 
64:23  The Blacksmith Courted Me
67:30  Adieu To Old England

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Monday, June 5, 2023

261d - Muslimgauze Straight Mix

I suppose this is as close to my version of an introduction to Muslimgauze as I'll put together.  I think it covers most of the styles Bryn explored, and has some of my overall favorite tracks on it.  

00:00  One (bcvsmgcd)
08:25  Jagdish Masjid of Night (Deceiver)
11:46  Fez Tishan (Sulaymaniyah)
16:16  Untitled #4 (Re-Mixs vol 3)
23:42  Mint Tea with Gadaffi (Hand of Fatima)
31:23  Agadir (Jebel Tariq)
35:44  Untitled (Azad)
37:10  Fall of Granada (Jebel Tariq)
41:32  Shah of Persia (Zuriff Moussa)
42:24  Hand of Fatima (Hand of Fatima)
48:57  Turkish Sword Swallower (Sufiq)
51:50  Afghan Black (Zul'm)
60:38  Scientist of India Garden (Azad)
68:14  Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names of Allah (Azad)
72:13  Narcotic (Narcotic)
77:37  Five (bcvsmgcd)
87:33  Teheran Via Train (Departure Mix) (Zul'm)
93:04  Opiate and Mullah (Gun Aramaic)
93:22  The Good Muslim (reprise) (Speaker of Turkish)
102:52  Myth and Tyrants (Silknoose)

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Sunday, June 4, 2023

261c - Muslimgauze Long Pieces

There are a lot of lenghty tracks from Muslimgauze, and many are billiant in that they allow Bryn to really stretch out his ambient side and give a longer textual narrative to his ideas.  Instead of trying to fit one or two of these into another mix, I figured why not, and made this more than double length mix of my favorites.  

00:00  Shah of Persia (Speaker of Turkish)
09:45  Gulf Between Us (Sadaam's Children)
20:16  Deceiver (Deceiver)
44:47  Exit Afghanistan (Speaker of Turkish)
60:45  Mullah Said (Mullah Said)
72:41  Dome of the Rock 1 (Dome of the Rock)
82:41  Khan Younis (Shaheed mix) (Drugsherpa)
89:33  Drugsherpa (Drugsherpa 3")
109:40  Abu Salim, Tripoli (Fedayeen)
120:04  Sadhu (Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed)
143:05  Arab Jerusalem (Arab Quarter)

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Saturday, June 3, 2023

261b - Muslimgauze Dub

Only slightly less dubby than my previous dub-focused MG mixes.

00:00  Untitled #7 (Re-Mixs Vol 3)
00:23  Istanbul (Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass)
07:22  Iranian Silkworm (Jaagheed Zarb)
11:01  Jaagheed Zarb (Jaagheed Zarb)
17:32  Decieve For Yourself (Tajik and Persian Blind)
18:45  The Shikari Who Wore No Dhoti (Fakir Sind)
21:58  Al Souk Dub (Lo-Fi India Abuse)
28:04  Al Kimia (Hummus)
29:58  Re-Mix by the Rootsman (Sandtrafikar)
34:58  The Zion Terrorist (Jerusalaam)
36:53  Dishdasha (Your Mines in Kabul)
37:16  Turkish Manipulator of Limbs (Zuriff Moussa)
42:02  Minaret Above All Others (Tajik and Persian Blind)
46:51  Untitled #1 (Kashmiri Queens)
48:39  Romanie Abuse (Lo-Fi India Abuse)
50:45  Delicate Prey Desend (Observe With Sadiq Bey)
57:32  Gunandveil (Unfinished Mosque)
62:58  Untitled #1 (Re-Mixs Vol 3)
71:11  Nablus (Serenity Dub 1.1 A.M.)
76:51  Shimmer, Then Disappear (Jaal Ab Dullah)

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Friday, June 2, 2023

261a - Muslimgauze Ambient

Another deep dive over four mixes into the vast catalog of Muslimgauze.  This first mix focuses on the ambience.  Not completely beatless, tracks that have a heavier focus on the atmosphere and feeling than the traditional harsh rhythms.

00:00  Return of Black September (Return of Black September)
08:51  Thimble Cups of Urdu (Maroon)
15:22  Saladin Mercy (Gun Aramaic)
22:12  Untitled #3 (Untitled)
27:40  Blood of Salah Jadallah (Maroon)
34:45  Untitled #10 (Untitled)
40:30  Maroon of Gaza (Maroon)
48:48  Untitled #9 (Untitled)
51:02  Ramadan (Narcotic)
52:46  Mandarin Guerilla 4 (Dome of the Rock)
59:06  A Nation (Chasing the Shadow)
62:46  Dissidents in Exile (Trucchi Senza Volto)
66:32  Untitled #11 (Untitled)
67:25  Untitled #5 (Untitled)
67:35  Poonah Eunuch (Zealot)
69:20  Shiva Hooka (Zul'm)
75:43  Stars of Golan Heights (Maroon)
83:01  Uskadar (Sandrafikar)

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

259b - Sol Invictus mix 2

This second half brings in many appearances from Tony Wakeford with other artists.  "A Palace of Worms" was the song that really got me hooked and made me understand Tony's strengths are beyond guitar and lyrics, but assembling incredible tracks with layers of atmospherics and ambience.  I really should do a third mix with all his projects beyond Sol Invictus...

00:00  Cupid & Death I (Cupid & Death)
08:01  The World Turns (Sol Veritas Lux)
10:53  Holy Water (Death in June - Flowers of Autumn)
14:48  Fields (Lex Talionis)
18:39  Black Easter (Lex Talionis)
23:02  The Killing Tide (The Killing Tide)
27:04  Lucifer Before Sunrise (Tony Wakeford and Steven Stapleton - Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish)
32:20  A Palace of Worms (All Things Strange And Rare)
47:12  Abattoirs of Love (Lex Talionis)
52:31  Sawney Bean (Trees in Winter)
56:43  Edward (King & Queen)
59:57  Come The Morning (In A Garden Green)
64:38  Ginnungagap II (Matt Howden & Tony Wakeford - Three Nine)
67:54  Thurisaz III (Matt Howden & Tony Wakeford - Three Nine)
72:05  Old Londinium Weeps A Mythological Prospect Of The Citie Of Londinium)
76:46  First Witchwords (Sieben - Forbid The Sun's Escape)
80:48  The Willow Tree (The Hare and The Moon - Wood Witch)

photo credit: discogs