19 November, 2023

331 Electronic Covers

I've started to organize my large folder of covers that I've been amassing for the last several years. I think this is my second mix culled from that lot. This one focuses on electronic covers, either by electronic artists or covering electronic artists. As much as I loved Dub Trio's work, it was quite a shock when I came across their Seefeel cover on their live album giving me a whole new appreciation of the group. I've included probably the only Fatboy Slim track I have. It was a very difficult decision on which Pink Freud track to select, seriously check out their album of Autechre covers, it is wonderful start to finish. The Khruangbin track was billed as a Yellow Magic Orchestra cover, though this song was written my Martin Denny; oh well. The Solex cover of Echo & The Bunnymen is just fun. Love the Phil Western cover of Severed Heads. Ladytron covering Death in June is one I never would have guessed would happen, but it works. Sure, a couple Slowdive covers from the same compilation because nearly every track on it is worth a listen. Another one I had trouble selecting was which mix of Kaw-Liga to include, but opted for the album cut over any of the remixes. Glad Orbital recorded a studio version of the Doctor Who theme, I remember them playing it live when I saw them in 1993.

00:00  Dub Trio - Extract (Seefeel)
04:44  Pink Freud - Bike (live) (Autechre)
08:46  Hermann & Kleine - Dagger (Slowdive)
13:09  Tortoise - As You Said (Joy Division)
17:25  Khruangbin - Firecracker (Martin Denny/YMO)
21:31  Solex - The Cutter (Echo & The Bunnymen)
24:39  Fatboy Slim - Radioactivity (Kraftwerk)
28:00  Fujiya & Miyagi - Your Silent Face (New Order)
34:27  Phil Western - We Have Come To Bless This House (Severed Heads)
38:15  I Am Spoonbender - Where Do Words Go? (Berlin)
43:40  Ladytron - Little Black Angel (Death in June)
47:06  Future 3 - Alison (Slowdive)
50:11  Pulseprogramming - Blooms Eventually (Hood remix)
54:30  I Monster - Daydream in Blue (Wallace Collection)
57:43  The Residents - Kaw-Liga (Hank Williams Sr)
62:27  Orbital - Doctor? (Delia Derbyshire)
67:54  Fingersnag - Basscadet (Autechre)
72:46  Instrumental - Little Fluffy Clouds (The Orb)



photo credit: https://www.digitaldeckcovers.com/audio-equipment/pro-audio-equipment/moog-items/moog-grandmother


  1. Thanks as always, Mooz. I've never heard of Pink Freud before. Great name!

    1. I think you'll like them, I'm impressed in how well Autechre translates to their style. Admittedly, I've only heard this one CD and figure I should check out their original compositions as well.